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Summer Camp Season is one of our favorite times of the year! We offer camps for students aged 5-18, with a wide variety of topics. All of our Summer Camps are no-experience-necessary, so don't worry about your student's ability level! We work to build groups that are similar age and ability levels to ensure every student is comfortable, has fun, and is able to learn something valuable. 

Below are the different Summer Camps we offer, and some information about each: 

Rock Band Camp: (ages 7+) Rock Band camp is designed as a full-day (9AM-4PM), weeklong (Mon-Fri) camp. In Rock Band Camp, students will form a band, learn two songs, and rehearse these songs as a group. The camp has two goals students work towards: on Thursday, the band will record one of their songs in our professional recording studio, and on Friday the band(s) put on a performance at the end of the day for parents and siblings! Rock Band Camp is a great opportunity for students to get the experience of playing music in a group, as well as to try an instrument they may not have played previously. 

Glee Camp: (ages 7+) Glee Camp follows a similar structure to our Rock Band Camp, in that it is a full-day (9AM-4PM), weeklong (Mon-Fri) camp. In Glee Camp, students will form groups that will learn to sing two songs and create light choreography to accompany these songs. Glee Camp also records one of their songs on Thursday and performs on Friday afternoon for parents and siblings. Glee is loved by singers of all different styles and ages and promotes the concepts of matching pitch, rhythm, and working as a group to design choreography. 

Rock City World Tour: (ages 5-6) Rock City World Tour is our early education camp, designed for younger students. This camp is a half-day (9:30AM-12:30PM), weeklong (Mon-Fri) camp. In Rock City World Tour, students will learn about musical styles from all over the world and from many different time periods. Additionally, students will be exposed to many different instruments and get the opportunity to explore instruments such as hand drums, piano, and guitar. Rock City World Tour is the ideal introductory music camp! 

BeatMaking Camp: (ages 8+) Beatmaking Camp is a half-day (9AM-12:30PM), weeklong (Mon-Fri) camp. For Beatmaking, students will need a personal laptop with access to the internet. In Beatmaking Camp, students will learn to use the online program BandLab to create their own beats using a drum machine, loops, and MIDI programming. This is a camp that's perfect for budding music producers! Students will learn to create beats in several different musical styles and work to build an understanding of how these styles are different and how you can communicate different musical styles through instrumentation, rhythm, and melody. 

ProTools Camp: (ages 10+) ProTools Camp is a half-day (12:30PM-4PM), weeklong (Mon-Fri) camp. In ProTools Camp, students learn to use the industry-standard recording software called ProTools. Students learn how to set up microphones for recording, mix audio, and use the tools in the program to maximize the quality of their recordings. Students in this camp work towards a large project, often recording the Rock Band and Glee Camps on Thursday. We often recommend to bundle ProTools and Beatmaking Camp for the ultimate music production week!

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