Peppa Pig for the win!!

By Stephanie Freeman, Dallas-Hiram-Acworth Macaroni Kid Publisher March 20, 2023

While I've not seen them all, I believe there are three types of kids when it comes to potty-training:

  • Advanced: Does it once, and they do it every time.
  • Picky: Choose to either do number one or number two on the potty, but absolutely not both.
  • Nope, nada: Isn't going to happen.

You know what I'm talking about don't you?   I know you do. 

For those who had the advanced pottier - I congratulate you.  You are envied by every other parent who didn't have that experience.  You'll never know what it's like to read the books, ask the mom groups on Facebook, nor threaten to loose your mind because of a potty. 

And those of you whose child said NO.  I'm so sorry.  While my experience wasn't that bad, some days it felt like we were in the same boat.  One that was sinking, quick.  But - if you're still going through this, there may be hope.  Yes - HOPE!

My daughter started out going number one on the big potty with the help of a potty ring (with steps), fairly early. I didn't want her to use a 'little' potty because it's just disgusting.  When my mother-in-law gave me my husbands vintage potty chair from his childhood, while it's cute - there was absolutely no way. But, I digress.

So, things went well for about three months with only the help of Reece's Pieces - number one with very few accidents at all during the day.  I thought we were doing great.  I thought number two would happen there too.  And then....

Refusing to go number two - for days.  Then she'd tell us she needed to then HIDE behind the couch thinking we didn't know what that horrid smell was.  This went on for what seemed like absolutely forever  She just refused.  We'd tried bribery, gifts, treats, party poppers, her other favorite Jelly Beans - nothing worked.   

Finally a friend let me in on a little secret.  She ever so casually she asked, have you tried an advent calendar?  What?!?  An advent calendar?  Okay.  I was in.  Amazon to the rescue.

Within 14 hours, a Peppa Pig advent calendar had arrived.  My husband  and I talked to my daughter about it, discussed she'd get to pick one every time she pooped on the potty.  So, it began.  For a few days it was slow going.  Like so slow, she wanted a surprise so bad, she'd sit on the potty for what seemed like hours.  Then she'd get up, and then came the accidents. 

Then, she got tired of that.  She'd be doing something and try to RUN to the potty when the time came.  Progress.  

Even the grandparents knew what we were doing, so they'd help with bribery tactics.  Letting her know that if she did it at their house, she'd still get a Peppa when she got home. Consistency was key.  

Finally, she did it.  We had poop.  Never have I heard my husband so excited about poop in my entire life as when we Facetimed to tell him she'd pooped.  It didn't matter he was in a rental car with a co-worker - he was still just as excited as we were!  Even his co-worker got in on the excitement. 

Then it was on, she earned her first treat - but it wasn't Peppa.  Nope, it was a boat.  But she knew there was a Peppa in there somewhere, and she was determined.  She'd go three times a day.  (We were convinced she was holding it so she'd get more prizes.)  When Peppa didn't come for a week, we wondered if she might give up.  Nope.  She kept on.

The desire to get 'the' prize of her dreams led to her getting it after a week and a half.  BUT, it didn't stop her.  Daddy pig was elusive, he was needed.  So she went number two - every single time - on the potty!  Even when we weren't home, she'd ask to go if she needed to.  

In the time it took her to get her 24 prizes, Daddy pig being the last one, she was completely potty trained!  And we were ecstatic!  We kept it going with one more advent calendar for good measure; it was after Christmas, and they were CHEAP - so squishies it was.

I am so thankful for my friend and her 'stepping in' ever so kindly with a new idea.  It worked WONDERS for us!  

Know what else works wonders?  While I said I don't like them, and I still don't... a 'little' potty chair with those throw away liners.  I keep it in the back of the car, and if there's an emergency - we have a potty!  It was especially great when we were training, and how we keep it there for long road trips.

Good luck y'all, you can do it!   Bribery isn't always bad. 

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