May 3, 2021

Say the words, “video game” and your kids are bound to stop and listen. But video games aren’t only fun, they can also be educational. CODE NINJAS SUWANEE teaches children ages 7 to 14 computer coding and problem-solving skills while having fun building video games. 

While watching his son learn taekwondo, David Graham, founder of Code Ninjas, had a revelation: Blend kid-centric coding lessons with the ancient ways of martial arts. “Everybody already knows what goes on in a dojo. I recognized that it didn’t have to be about kicks and punches, it could be about keyboards and mice,” Graham says.

Graham recognized that game play is still the best way to learn, so his immediate aim was to design a fun environment that deepened tech and life skills while giving more kids an opportunity to learn coding, sometimes called “the literacy of the 21st century. More broadly,  knowing that U.S. children are falling behind the rest of the world in STEM subjects, Graham wanted Code Ninjas to cultivate a new wave of young people who “become creators of technology rather than just consumers of technology,” he says. 

Code Ninjas accomplishes this with a robust, game-based curriculum made up of nine belts, just like martial arts, but they learn Scratch instead of side sweeps and robotics instead of roundhouse rights. The curriculum is self-paced, but not self-taught; kids get immediate help and encouragement from Code Senseis and fellow students as they advance from white to black belt. The program keeps kids motivated with little wins along the way, and “Belt-Up” celebrations where they receive coveted color-coded RFID wristbands to mark their graduation to the next level. By the time a child finishes the program, they will publish an app in an app store.

RFID bands, representing belts, are lined up for future recipients, from white and yellow to orange and black.

Kids learn how to code in a fun, safe and social learning environment where gaming is celebrated, and STEM is cool. Everything about Code Ninjas is built around fun, which keeps kids coming back. But the center also provides the results that parents are looking for, as their children gain coding and problem-solving skills they’ll need for the jobs of the future.

Unleash your child's inner ninja at CODE NINJAS SUWANEE! Transform their love for technology into an exciting learning adventure. Guided by their team of Code Senseis®, Code Ninjas empower kids to gain valuable tech skills and make new friends. It's an unforgettably fun learning experience!

From Coding and Robotics to Minecraft and Roblox, and everything in between, there's something for everyone at CODE NINJAS SUWANEE. Kids gain vital skills while having a blast. That's the Code Ninjas way!

Click HERE for more information about beginning your child's quest to become a black belt Code Ninja!

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