Have your kiddos make some Valentine to share.

By Kelly Sauerbrei, Publisher Macaroni Kid Surprise, El Mirage, Peoria February 1, 2021

Snails are usually not the best way to make someone smile, but snail mail? Awesome!! Have your kiddos make a Valentine to share with a local senior.  It only takes a few minutes to put a smile on someone’s face, providing an emotional boost for seniors in nursing homes. 

Covid- 19 has changed the landscape of "normal" for our entire world. For seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living centers, feeling lonely and socially isolated has been one such side effect. Use your creativity to decorate and personalize valentine cards, then drop them off at a of the local senior center or nursing home. Ask them to distribute to any residents they feel would love to receive one.  Be sure to call first to confirm that are accepting Valentines for their residents this year. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Another idea is to make valentines for some of the people who have been working long hours to keep us safe and fed during the pandemic like: your local police station or firehouse, your postman, UPS driver, Fed Ex driver, garbage collector, grocery store cashier, the list goes on and on. But there have been countless people working under trying circumstances to make our lives better. I'm sure a thank you valentine would make them all smile.

I love this idea to give kids a creative outlet kids making valentines, then teaching them about appreciating and thanking some of the people who make our communities safe.

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