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By Georgia Renaissance Festival February 10, 2020

On Field Trip Day, the Georgia Renaissance Festival transforms itself into an educational adventure where students are immersed in the 16th-century and learn about day-to-day life in an English village. Up close and personal interactions with peasants and royalty, educational (and fun) workshops and presentations, plus music and food. The focus is on learning, but with a festive atmosphere! You won't want to miss the Royal Joust Tournament where brave knights charge each other while riding 4,000 pounds of equine fury! The Birds of Prey Show will have you on the edge of your seat as magnificent raptors fly within inches of your head! Acrobats and daredevils will entertain you with their unique skills. Our artisans will demonstrate glassblowing, weaving, blacksmithing and more!

Our Field Trip Day is appropriate for all schools - public, private and home schools.

At the Georgia Renaissance Festival’s Field Trip Day, students will experience firsthand the sights and sounds, the history and culture of the 16th Century through reenactments, demonstrations, interactive workshops, and performances tailored by grade level to support curricular goals.  Field trip presentations and suggested activities are designed to be cross-curricular and build literacy in core and elective subjects –English Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Science, Math, Theater, Music, and Art.  

As students walk the streets of the Festival’s authentically recreated village of Newcastle, they can question key historic figures and village residents. They will encounter 16th C European explorers and Renaissance STEAM genius Leonardo da Vinci, learn about the reign of Henry VIII and the English Reformation, get an introduction to African history and culture, experience Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, and enjoy the excitement of a Tournament Joust. Skilled artists demonstrate and discuss period arts and crafts, including Glass Blowing, Pottery, Weaving, Spinning, Blacksmithing, and Woodworking. Our Teacher’s Guide offers suggested activities and resources designed to enhance the field trip experience.

Field Trip Day workshops cover the subject areas below. Many are interactive and accommodate different learning styles.

  • World History: The Renaissance
  • Reign of Henry VIII and the English Reformation
  • William Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theater (new in 2019)
  • African History and Culture, Africans in Tudor England (new in 2019)
  • Roots of Modern Words, Expressions, and Superstitions
  • European Exploration of the Americas, Impact on Indigenous Peoples (new in 2019)
  • Leonardo da Vinci and the Emergence of Science and Technology in the Renaissance
  • Art and Music of the Renaissance (new in 2019)
  • The Tournament Joust, Warfare, Weaponry Design
  • Everyday Life in the 16th Century (new workshops in 2019)
  • Falconry, Raptors, Life and Environmental Science

Georgia Renaissance Festival’s Field Trip Day presentations are led by costumed interpreters and are designed to be cross-curricular and build literacy in core and elective subjects. They are appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students. Workshops are interactive and engage students with different learning styles.

Field Trip Day supports more than 160 education standards for Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. The Festival’s new Curriculum Guide is available online for viewing and download. Teachers can view the curriculum, review a list of supported standards organized by grade, subject, and workshop, and explore information about the Georgia Renaissance Festival’s Field Trip Day and learning opportunities on the Georgia Renaissance Festival's main education page.

We are excited to welcome students and teachers to our 25th field trip event. Our goal is to engage, delight and inspire young people for years to come,” said the Festival’s general manager, Dave Dorrell. “The Festival is committed to offering students a global perspective and helping them gain a greater understanding of the Renaissance period and its impact on the development of the modern world. We’re proud to partner with the Northeast Georgia History Center at Brenau University and with noted environmental non-profit group Earthquest to bring a high level of expertise to our field trip program.”

Workshops and Performances

  • NEW! THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII SPEAK This year it’s Henry’s wives who tell the tale of the King’s six marriages and his quest for a male heir. One by one his wives will take the stage and share their experience and fate. Who died, who lost their head, who outlived the King – who changed history!
  • NEW! STEP INTO SHAKESPEARE’S WORLD, CONVERSATION WITH WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE In two new presentations students uncover the clues hidden in Shakespeare’s plays, learn about Elizabethan theatre, and take part in an interactive performance. The combination of textual analysis and performance is ideal for ELA and Theater students. This year there’s even an opportunity to engage in a discussion with the Bard himself!
  • NEW! TALES FROM AN AFRICAN TRAVELER Learn about the history and culture of Africa as told through the eyes of a nomadic storyteller. Adetoun Abayomi's unique style will captivate and entertain your students as she retells the folk tales and stories of her culture and shares her experience as a free African traveling to and living in Tudor England.
  • NEW! 16TH CENTURY EXPLORERS Presented by the North Georgia History Center. The 16th century was the age of exploration and conquest of the “New World”. In this workshop, students learn about the politics, spirit of inquiry, and economics that drove European exploration together with its dark side – the impact on native peoples. A focus is the De Soto Expedition of 1540 which passed close to the Georgia Renaissance Festival grounds.
  • BIRDS OF PREY Your students will thrill to see a falcon in flight as it climbs folds its wings, and dives toward its prey at speeds over 150 miles per hour. They will experience the effortless soaring of a hawk and strain to hear the quiet rustle of an owl's feathers as it glides through the air. Steve Hoddy, Earthquest’s Master Falconer and environmental educator presents each raptor and provides detailed information about their species, characteristics, and habitat, sharing how students can responsibly interact with nature.
  • NEW! LEONARDO DA VINCI: STEAM PIONEER Did you know that your pinky finger is the exact length of your nose? Is the Mona Lisa smiling? Why did Leonardo describe himself as an engineer first and painter second?  Painting and sculpture, science and engineering, anatomical investigations and ingenious inventions – Leonardo, a true Renaissance genius, covers it all in this interactive discussion.
  • THE ROYAL JOUST A courtly battle brought to life! The joust was a specialized sport popular with nobility in 16th Century England and a favorite of King Henry VIII, who as a young monarch was a highly-skilled competitor with lance and shield. Our gallant knights demonstrate the sport of jousting, the art of ground fighting with sword and other weapons of war, and equestrian skills and disciplines.
  • INTERVIEW WITH THE KING AND QUEEN King Henry VIII and his Queen Catherine of Aragon will take questions from students on what a typical day might be like for royalty and nobility during the Renaissance. (Sample questions are included in our Teachers Guide.)
  • LANGUAGE AND MANNERS OF THE 16TH CENTURY Students will learn the proper way to greet one another, the niceties of bowing and curtsying, how to escort a lady properly, and why a lady and gentleman would never, EVER hold hands palm to palm!
  • MUSIC OF THE RENAISSANCE and NEW! RENAISSANCE CHOIR A lively performance and discussion introduce students to the music and instruments of the period - some of which are still used today. They are joined this year by a Renaissance choir performing select choral works of the period.
  • SUPERSTITIONS OF THE 16TH CENTURY How do you ward off the evil eye? How do you keep fairies out of the barn? This interactive class discusses some of the more common and enduring superstitions and the steps believed to protect one from harm!
  • FOOD AND SPICES OF THE RENAISSANCE No refrigerators? No grocery stores? How and where did the people of the 16th century get a bite to eat? And what did they eat? Learn the difference between the food of a pauper and the meal of a king, (And why you would NEVER be seen using a fork at the English court!)
  • NEW! RENAISSANCE DRESS AND FASHION Students learn how the Renaissance influenced art, culture, politics, religion, economics and even fashion.
  • NEW! ASTRONOMY How did 16th-century people view the planets and the stars? Did they believe astrology was a science? We’ve partnered with a University of West Georgia educator to present a lecture that explores historical perspectives of the universe and the philosophical and scientific beliefs that influenced people’s views.
  • NEW! SPINNING THROUGH TIME Members of the Peachtree Handspinners Guild demonstrate and discuss how wool is selected, dyed, and spun into yarn.
  • A WEAVER’S TALE Maeve Woolton O’Byrne, a quiet woman of distinguished courage and ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities, weaves tales of travel and intrigue. Her stories are steeped in historical accuracy with details of her journey- which may or may not be true. Lucky students will get a chance to try their hand at weaving!
  • JUGGLING SCHOOL Everyone is invited to try their hand at juggling. Our skilled performer and educator guide students through the techniques of this challenging circus art known to build concentration and coordination. (Expanded for 2019)
  • PLUS, demonstrations of period trades and crafts – glassblowing, pottery, spinning, weaving, blacksmithing, felting (new!) and entertainment.

Georgia Renaissance Festival’s Field Trip Day takes place on Thursday, May 7. 


  • 9:00a.m. - 2:30p.m.


  • $9.50 per student (prepaid prior to 5/7/20) ($11 at the gate)
  • $11.00 per adult ($13 at the gate)
  • One chaperone FREE with every 10 paid students. 
  • No minimum or maximum group size

*NEW FOR 2020 - PAY-ONE-PRICE WRISTBAND OPTION! - Such a great deal!
Choose this option when you make your reservation. This option must be prepaid by March 20, 2020.

Pay once for a wristband that includes the basics for a successful Field Trip Day for your students! For $30, a student will receive a wristband with tear-off tabs they can redeem for:

  • 1 Admission to Field Trip Day
  • 1 Entree at Olde Towne Food Court or the King's Food Court
  • 1 Drink from one of our Soda Stands
  • 2 Games or Rides

NOTE: Wristband tabs are only accepted at Festival-owned food and drink venues. Tabs are not valid for Camel Rides or Vegetable Justice. Please see the Student Day Map for locations.

For information and to register online please visit Georgia Renaissance Festival’s Field Trip Day. For questions about Field Trip Day, the registration process, changes to registration numbers or other field trip issues, please contact Dawn Prevete, Education and Outreach Program, by email or call or text: 404-307-0302.  

Georgia Renaissance Festival is located at 6905 Virlyn B. Smith Rd., Fairburn, GA 30213

To learn more, please visit the Georgia Renaissance FestivalFollow the Georgia Renaissance Festival on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram#GARenFest, #GaRenFest2020, and #GARenFestFieldTrip.


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