The Coder School Johns Creek Offers Classes & Summer Camps for Ages 7+

April 29, 2019

At the Coder School, we want to do more than just teach coding. We want aspiring coders to use their new-found passion as a stepping stone to thinking outside the box, as a way to channel their ideas in a creative way and, most importantly, to have fun. 


Our core business is our weekly after-school programs run throughout the year. Coding takes practice, and we believe getting kids to code consistently throughout the year is the only way they'll really learn to code! Our programs are for students at all skill levels, ages 7-18, and progress through a broad array of languages from Scratch to Python, Javascript, Java and much more. Our pricing is monthly and varies depending on the program. We have no equipment charges, no initial fees, and no commitments - we just want you to code! 

Classes include:

  • (Platform) Code Class: Our entry level program, only for newbie coders. 
  • Code Coaching: Focuses on a 2-on-1 mentee-mentor relationship with our kids so our students can get the focused attention they need.
  • Code Coaching PLUS: Our premium program that combines our classic Code Coaching® with a Coder Fair spotlight presentation every 3-4 months. 
  • Code Coaching PRO: In our advanced program, invited students get a chance to boost their coder portfolio by a more targeted private Code Coaching session.

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Our summer camps are run in our school from 9 AM -3 PM Monday - Friday. Kids bring their own lunches and water bottles and we'll take care of the rest! Kids code throughout the week then demo their week's creations later that afternoon. 

Ages: 7 - 18

Registration: Click here to register

Camp Descriptions:

Python Startup: Who's ready for some PYTHON! Sounds a little gross, like a giant snake right? But it's actually one of the hottest languages around today. Take advantage of the easy-to-read style of coding while picking up on one of the most popular languages today for professional and beginner coders alike. We'll start out by using an online python platform to learn some basics and practice some fundamental concepts, and time permitting and based on our camper skill set, we may jump on to some more complex Python coding, potentially getting into coding with PyGame.

  • Ages 9+
  • $299
  • Dates: 6/24 - 6/28, 7/1 - 7/6, 7/8 - 7/12, 7/15 - 7/19, 8/5 - 8/9

Games Are Awesome: We'll be using cool drag n' drop languages like Scratch or Snap to create us some cool new and classic games! Aimed at our newbie and novice coders! 

  • Ages 7+
  • $299
  • Dates: 6/24 - 6/28,  7/1 - 7/6, 7/8 - 7/12, 7/22 - 7/26, 8/5 - 8/9

mBot Robotics Code Camp: mBot introduces kids to machinery, electronic parts and block based programming with Scratch! We'll assemble the robots using a screwdriver and code them to do some cool tricks, and the kids will even compete in a robot A.I. competition on the final day of camp!.Learn More

  • Ages 7-12
  • $299
  • Dates: 7/15-7/19, 7/29 - 8/2

Rise of The Machines: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the bigger buzzwords today, and we're ready to help you tackle it. What is AI? Why is it taking over the world? When will the Terminator come back and take down John Connor?? We'll start out talking about AI use cases and dive into some fundamental algorithms and create some basic AI apps as well.

  • Ages 8+
  • $299
  • Dates: 7/22 - 7/26

Mobile Madness: From the day Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, smart phones have been slowly taking over all of our worlds. Our Mobile Madness camps gets our intermediate coders introduced to the world of mobile app development by coding mobile apps loaded on an Android-based mobile phone. 

  • Ages 8+
  • $299
  • Dates: 7/22 - 7/26

Raspberry Pi Jam: Our Pi Jam camp introduces our more advanced programmers to the world of IoT, or Internet of Things. As computers and technology expand like wildfire, you'll find more and more computers in your "things" - like your watch, your smart home, or even your refrigerator. These gadgets are all run by computers that are getting smaller and smaller! Our Pi Jam camp introduces kids to one of the hottest mini-computers today, the Raspberry Pi. 

  • Ages 9+
  • $299
  • Dates: 7/29 - 8/2, 8/5 - 8/9

WebRox: Our WebRox camp is all about websites, because the web rocks! Our campers will spend the week designing and building their very own websites and get 'em published to the world by the end of the week. Importantly, kids will be introduced to Internet Safety and why cyber-safety matters, plus we'll learn the basics of how the internet works (wait, you mean that Facebook page lives out in the "cloud" somewhere?!). As usual, our Fridays are all about the demo, showing off the all cool website stuff the kids create! 

  • Ages 9+
  • $299
  • Dates: 7/29 - 8/2
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