By Macaroni Kid of Pittsburgh LLC August 2, 2020

Create a special " VIRTUAL LEARNING" station to help your kids avoid distractions and get the work done on time!

This Learning Station is made simply out of cardboard, (or a display board- makes 2!) some colorful duct tape and some rubber bands! Cheap, CHIC and Re-purposed! How much better does it get??

WAIT-- it DOES get better. It's PORTABLE!! Fold N Go = thumbs up in our book! Set it up on the table or coffee table and your kiddo has his or her VERY OWN learning station complete with all those marvelous supplies.

Done with schoolwork!? Hive fives all around -- and mom folds it up and easily sticks it somewhere safe!

Here's how to make the goods!

You need some cardboard!

1. Cut up a nice sturdy box or simply buy a display board at your local box store! One display board yields TWO study stations! Can't beat that!

2. Get some supplies. Look around your house and repurpose some items! Large cloth headbands work well as "large rubber bands!" Duck tape to dress it up! Manila envelopes will hold notecards! Grab last years pencil case if it survived and velcro it onto the side! This learning station can go simple-- or out of this world! It's up to you!

3. Get the kids involved or make this your own surprise for them!

4. We decided to angle the sides for no other reason than it looked cute!

4. Kapow! It's a terrible affliction! ZEBRA DUCT TAPE to edge the sides! It doesn't have to be perfect-- ours wasn't!

6. Supplies! Here we go! Big rubber bands hold supplies nicely! Leftover pencil pouches and index card holders are super fab as well. Grab some corkboard and glue it to the middle for special notes or to hold directions! The sky is the limit!

7. The finished product is certainly more fun than my plain kitchen table. I can be close to help and to keep them on track, but  my two children cannot see each other either... win, win all round!!