By Melissa Hucal November 20, 2023
Sure, Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be all about the big deals, but Small Business Saturday is about something even bigger – investing in the community where you live, play and work.  

Now, more than ever, it is vitally important for the local community to support locally owned businesses. As a resource in and for the community, Macaroni Kid is a strong advocate of and supporter for Small Business Saturday, a celebration of small businesses and local communities across the United States. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to play a role in supporting small and locally owned businesses on Saturday, November 25th, this year’s Small Business Saturday.

Need a little motivation to shop local? Check out our top three reasons to shop, eat or play at your favorite neighborhood business.

#1: It shows pride for your community!
When you shop at the independent bookstore, dine at the “mom and pop” restaurant or see at show at the community theater, you’re showing your support of all small businesses in your neighborhood. In fact, in many communities, the network of local businesses is so strong that when you buy from one, you are actually supporting at least one other who serves as a supplier or partner to that business!  

#2: You’ll experience the personal touch!
Chances are you know the owners of the local businesses. You see them at the drop off line at school, on the soccer field, at the dance studio or in dozens of other places around town. And, since you know those owners, you can get the “expert” opinion about the products or services you are purchasing right from the source! Local businesses will, many times, order, stock or provide exactly what their customers want, personalizing your shopping experience. On a side note, most local shops stock one-of-a-kind gift options, so doing your holiday shopping there means you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, without the risk of duplication!

#3: You’ll stimulate the local economy!
According to the American Independent Business Alliance, each dollar you spend at local businesses returns 3 times more money that one spent at a chain. As more and more locally owned businesses experience success, more entrepreneurs are encouraged to start more businesses in the community. That creates more jobs and even more dollars staying local!

Small businesses are many times the “hidden gems” of a community, but they don’t need to be. Share your experiences  (and your purchases!) with your friends and let everyone you meet know about these great businesses that make their homes in the same town that you do.  When the “best kept secrets” become “well-known,” the community – along with everyone who lives there – thrives!

A little more about Small Business Saturday: Founded by American Express in 2010, this day is celebrated every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  With an original intent to encourage shoppers to spend money locally during the holiday season, momentum around Small Business Saturday is growing. In fact, the United States Senate officially recognized Small Business Saturday in 2011 and the Small Business Saturday Facebook page currently has more than 3.3 million likes!