By Debby Perry, Macaroni Kid Of Pittsburgh April 18, 2022
A Fairy Garden is the perfect craft to make on Earth Day! After completing your project, it also makes a great present for your mother, grandmother or favorite aunt on Mother's Day!

Make Your Own Fairy Garden: The Gift They Won't Return!

I've seen these mini fairy gardens numerous places and in craft magazines.  My daughter has bugged me for over a year about this fairy garden so in anticipation of her 6th birthday and along with my 8 year old, we decided to surprise her with one.   I'm sharing with you in case you'd like to make one yourself!  It's truly darling and the limitations are your imagination!  It also makes for a unique gift that none will return!

You can create and utilize your fairy garden any way you'd like.  Here's how we did ours and why we did it. 
Our fairy garden was given as a gift.  It was essentially a "blank canvas" and my 6 year old believes the fairies, now that they have a canvas, will "move in." 

Each week my 8 year old is tasked with choosing something super cute from our stock of miniature items to secretly place in the garden.  My 6 year old then notices it and is insanely excited.  It's the gift that keeps on giving and as you can plainly see, it's adorable. 

Miniature Things: where to find them.
Hobby Lobby 
Dollar Stores 
Junk Drawers
Sewing Baskets
Those items will be  bit expensive so keep your eye out at all times for ANYTHING that might work as a fairy item.  Fairies are resourceful and utilize items around them for purpose.  We used seashells as shingles and old tea cups as a swimming pool. Open that junk drawer and see what you have laying about! 
Warning: Some wooden items might not last outside in the rain or during watering.  We've done some hot gluing!

This is optional  but certainly makes it pretty.  I simply used petunias which are very hearty and some hanging vine fillers.  I've seen it done with no flowers as well as fake flowers!  It's all up to you.  

I used a metal container I found at a big box store.  You can use a terra cotta pot, a metal tin, a window box etc.  It's all up to you.  Poke holes in the bottom if you have live foliage and line it with some rocks to help drainage. 

The fairies need an abode.  We found one at Hobby Lobby and it was  bird house on clearance! 

Piece your canvas together and set it out somewhere to admire.  Each week or so add something new to make a gift that keeps on giving.  Your little one or your gift recipient will squeal with delight each time something new appears!

Here's ours after a month or so of visits and care!  We have a swimming pool, some tables and chairs for our bistro moments, some walnuts, a few frogs and turtles as well as a shell shingled roof!

I had to even remove some plants because they began to grow so much there was not enough room for "fairy schtuff."


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