A Thanksgiving Tradition that SQUAWKS of fun!

November 17, 2013

Debby Perry of Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh LLC featured these on her site a few years ago and I knew they would be a hit with my family. We LOVE these Turkey Callers!! Here's  her directions for making them:



Glue Gun 

Construction paper or faux feathers for decorating. 

Wiggly eyes.

Crochet string.  This works the BEST.  Big roll. Can be found in Walmart.   NOT YARN.

Red or yellow plastic SOLO cup.  These are made by DIXIE but the generic brand from Walmrt work well. They are plastic and NOT flimsy. 




Poke two holes near to each other at the top of your cup. 




 Get your crochet string and cut a piece the length of your arm.  Folded in half this should be  good length for the project. 


Feed one end though one hole at the top of the cup. 

Feed the OTHER end through the other hole at the top of the cup. 


Pull both pieces down so they are hanging evenly.  Like a bell. 


Cut a rectangular piece of sponge. 


 Tie it to the bottom of both strings together hanging out of the cup. (like a bell)

 Embellish with eyes, feathers, hand print feathers, a beak, gobbler and more.  Go crazy.  Handprint feathers are fun but HOT GLUE works best with SOLO cups! 




He's finished.   Now dampen the sponge and fold it in half surrounding the strings  while reaching into the cup.  Quickly pull down on the strings with the damp sponge creating the "gobble" effect.  Go fast , slow , loud or proud.  Your choice.  Just have fun! 

You can hear this bird in ACTION on KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live! Click below: