Candy Turkey Treats

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By Anna Hall, Hickory, NC Publisher Mom November 19, 2012

Make these adorable turkeys out of left over Halloween candy and common treats.  Perfect dessert for Thanksgiving festivities in your child's classroom or at home!

Yield: 1 turkey

  • 2 sandwich cookies (aka Oreo cookies; double-stuffed work best)
  • 3-5 pieces of candy corn, plus 1-2 extra
  • 1 malted milk ball (aka Whoppers)
  • 1 chocolate kiss
  • chocolate frosting (I used Nutella)
  • sprinkles
  • red icing/frosting


- Press 3-5 pieces of candy corn, tip down, into the stuffing of a sandwich cookie on its edge.  You can use chocolate frosting as the glue but this shouldn't be necessary if using double-stuffed Oreos.  This will be the turkey's tail with feathers.

- You can choose to open the other sandwich cookie to use as the base of the turkey so you can press the tail cookie into the stuffing.  Because I was using off-brand cookies, the stuffing wasn't very good so I kept the cookie intact and instead used chocolate frosting to connect the two pieces as pictured.

- Cut the pointed tip off the chocolate kiss to form a flat base on which to place the malted milk ball.  Use chocolate frosting to connect the two to form the body and head of the turkey.

- Place the chocolate body onto the sandwich cookie base with the tail cookie behind.  Again, use chocolate frosting as the glue.

- Use colored icing/frosting and sprinkles to add the details such as the eyes, beak, waddle and feet, gluing with chocolate frosting as needed.  Because the yellow icing I had wasn't showing up well, I instead cut the yellow end off an extra piece of candy corn and rolled into shape for the beak and feet.  Rolling between your fingers makes the candy corn sticky enough to attach and stay in place.  I used blue round sprinkles for the eyes and red icing to draw on the waddle.

I recommend making these the night before and sticking in the fridge overnight for the chocolate "glue" to harden and hold everything in place, especially if you will be transporting these somewhere.