Halloween Ghost and Spider Handprint Craft

October 8, 2012
My friend, Melissa Tyler, who is the MK Publisher in Athens, Ga, shared this cute Halloween craft with me:

Supplies you will need:

*  Orange Construction Paper
*  Black and White Paint
*  Plates
*  Black yarn 
*  Googly eyes
*  Glue


Have your child(ren) dip their hand in white paint and then press their hand on orange construction paper.

Then, have your child(ren) dip one of their hands in black paint and press down, minus their thumb, at the bottom of the orange construction paper.  

Once done, have your child(ren) dip their hand in black paint again and press down opposite their other hand print (palm to palm) making a spider.

Let dry.

When dry, using black paint or black marker, have your child(ren) paint eyes and a mouth on their Halloween ghost.  

For the spider, glue on googly eyes.  

Attach a piece of black yarn as part of the spider web.