Student Review: "The Golden Ticket"

by: Addison Culbreth

March 12, 2012

      I went to my first opera last night. “The Golden Ticket” is an opera based on the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   I’m not sure what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  The opera had talented actors, great sets, colorful costumes, and fun choreography.

    I’ve seen both movies, and both my little brother and I were wondering how they would be able to re-create some of the magical moments from the movies on stage.  The sets were creative, colorful, and really inventive.  We saw the girl blow up like a blueberry; a little boy shrinks into the TV, a chocolate river, and floating bubbles.  My brother’s favorite scene was the glass elevator ride in the sky.

    I was very impressed with the performers. They showed a great deal of talent and seemed be enjoying what they were doing. I could hear them well and could understand what they were saying.  I couldn’t believe that the role of Charlie was played by an 8th grader.  Having the screen with the words to the songs was really helpful as well.

    The Choreography was great.  I really loved the dance moves of the oompa loompas and the squirrels.  The way that the cast moved during the boat ride was really good too.  It made you believe that they really were riding down a waterfall.
    The costumes were really impressive.  How they made the blown up Violet and the chocolate covered Augustus was great.  The oompa loompas and squirrels were also really well done.  There make-up helped to complete the look as well with the large ears on the oompas and the big teeth on the squirrels.

    The theater was also very nice.  We could park right there and they even sold concessions.  We were even given a special chocolate bar that had the opera name on it.  At intermission they had a drawing from the tickets for 2 different $500 prizes (we didn’t win – darn!), and at the end of the show, they gave all of the adults a free “Golden Ticket” lottery ticket.  My mom won $24!  Overall it was a good show and I hope to see another soon.

Addison Culbreth is 13 years old and a student at Autrey Mill Middle School in Johns Creek, GA.  He is involved in his schools chorus, is a cast member of the schools production of “Oliver”, and is a member of BSA Troop 7153 working towards the rank of Eagle Scout.

Thank you for this excellent review, Addison! I'm glad that you and your brother enjoyed the show! Thank you to The Atlanta Opera for providing these tickets.