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Johns Creek Brother & Sister Duo National Finalist

September 30, 2013

Please Vote Daily until 10/31 to help these siblings win a $5,000 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card!

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Johns Creek Brother & Sister Duo National Finalists in Band-Aid® Contest
Earlier this Fall, Band-Aid® Brand announced a national search for singers of their famous advertising jingle, “Stuck on Me.”  One day after school, Luke Michaelis (age 10) and his little sister Nora (age 5), put together a submission video with the help of their mom.  Now, the Michaelis kids’ video is one of twelve national finalists in the “Stuck On Me” video contest.
The Medlock Bridge Elementary 5th grader and Kindergartener could win a $5,000 Toys ‘R’ Us gift card.
Luke and Nora are both avid readers.  If they win, they plan to make a large donation to the Medlock Bridge Elementary Media Center so that lots of children could benefit from their prize winnings for many years to come.
The Michaelis family is a long time Macaroni Kid subscriber. Please show your support and some Macaroni Kid love for Luke and Nora Michaelis by visiting Band-
Aid® Brand on Facebook, HERE,  "like” their page and register to vote for the video entitled “You Wanna Rock?  Band-Aid Style.”  You can vote once per day through October 31.

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